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Some Horses


Black Lung Blues

The River Foyle

Bin Lid Breakdown

On April 6, 2017, the Cascadia Electronic Recording Company released South Sound Tug & Barge's brand new eleven-song album Point Defiance.  Featuring originals and other peoples' songs, Point Defiance captures SST&B's classic live sound and spreads it generously across the music spectrum.


Physical CDs are available at live SST&B shows and at Easy Street Records in West Seattle.  Digital downloads are available on iTunes and Amazon.  Streaming available via Spotify.


Point Defiance was recorded in the spring and summer of 2016 at Cobra Studios in West Seattle.  Brian Marshall engineered the disc, with the band producing it.


The cover artwork was linocut by Jonathan Marquardt and the photographic plates were taken by Earl Harper.



Track Listing


  1. Some Horses

  2. Rollin'

  3. Black Lung Blues

  4. The River Foyle

  5. Moss No. 3

  6. Ooh Child

  7. Bin Lid Breakdown

  8. Feel Like A Number

  9. Slán Abhaile

10. Miner's Prayer

11.  Which Side Are You On?


All songs by members of South Sound Tug & Barge except "Black Lung Blues" (traditional), "Ooh Child" (Stan Vincent), "Feel Like A Number" (Bob Seger) and Miner's Prayer (Dwight Yoakam).  All rights reserved.