banjo, vocals


Steve is the banjoist and singer of the band.  He's done lots of stuff and has beards of varying lengths.  He has an old truck and two dogs that sing along in rehearsal.  He's the editor of The Flyfish Journal and cannot contain his love for the Electric Light Orchestra.


accordion, vocals


Charley is the accordionist and vocalist of the band.  He can make his accordion sing like any rack of ivory in the land.  A wearer of fine chapeaus, Charley rules over a land of of keys and buttons too numerous to count.  While most of us try to simplify our lives, Charley welcomes complexity, particularly if it breaches the five-minute mark.


guitar, harmonica, resonator, bodhrán, vocals


Scott M.X. is the guitarist, bodhránist and vocalist of the band.  Harmonicas and occasionally a resonator guitar hop aboard.  Scott wonders how Esa Tikkanen still isn't in the Hockey Hall of Fame.  He lives with a dog, two cats and two chickens, all survivors of the devastating Hawk Conflict of the mid 2010s.